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I have served as a reviewer for Biogeosciences, Nature Communications, Geophysical Research Letters, Global Change Biology, Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, Oceanography, Climatic Change, Journal of Marine Systems, Ecological Modelling, and the US National Science Foundation (NSF).


Animation showing the uptake of anthropogenic CO2 and ocean acidification as simulated by the NCAR CSM1.4 model.
Language: German
Duration: 4:30 minutes
Format: AVI MPEG-4, 840x474 pixel (1680x946 hi-resolution version is available here)
Related publications: Steinacher et al. (2009), Frölicher et al. (2009)
Animation showing acidification of the Arctic Ocean as simulated by the NCAR CSM1.4 model.
Language: English
Duration: 1:37 minutes
Format: AVI MPEG-4, 900x434 pixel
Related publication: Steinacher et al. (2009)

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